Empower your development team –

If your goal is to make fantastic software you need to know the whole picture, even if you work on a small piece of it. The average manager thinks differently tells you only what they want you to know, how to do it and does not value your input this way produces horrible software as a result.

I believe if each member knows the big picture, the team discusses the technology that best solves the problem then takes action to split up work. Give all team members the right to step up, ask questions and empower them to make decisions on a day to day with documentation of the issues and results.

The team as a whole will see the difference right away, the software will show it, and the attitude of caring, pride in work and respect for one another will grow. The result over hours, days and weeks to come will be better software, a better team and a fun, productive environment this is the 24 Proof way.