Requirements gathering

  • Define user flow & break into user stories
  • Design with Adobe XD, Figma, Sketch i.e. showing user flow and screens
  • Tech lead plans tech approach to delivery visual and written requirements

Ready built teams

  • Two younger developers (full-stack JS and PRs)
  • Level 2 developer (full-stack JS, Peer Coding, PRs)
  • Tech Lead (DB to UI, Peer Coding, Mentoring, Status Updates)
  • Product management (written requirements, roadmap)
  • Designer (Visualize requirements)
  • Engineering manager (Plan & Execute on sprints)


  • Requirements, design and tech stack is approved.
  • Our servant leadership breaks work down into sprints; high level estimates, gets sign off from you.
  • We plan out our sprints, roadmap discussion, requirement discussion and assign out work to team members. Share this for approval from team leadership and you.
  • We start working as a complete team.


  • Rules of a sprint: two weeks long, high level accuracy and protection of sprint with requirements and design lock.
  • Engineering team decides tech stack, owns quality as a team, team commits to what can be delivered and will mention blockers to leadership.
  • Daily scrum stand ups are open, each person on team calls out blockers or potential blockers for tomorrow’s goals. Each person gives yesterday’s goal update and today’s goal.
  • Each sprint has a goal as a whole team, team focus each day is achieving that goal.


  • No matter if we are doing a few months or years of work; we will demo each week or end of sprint to get approval.
  • After sprint end demo we can make pivots if something needs to be addressed; as a team we will do retro’s that are not open.
  • We set team goals each sprint, results of accuracy and sprint results are shared.

Quality and Future

  • Our whole teams own quality, they use the application they build and suggest improvements.
  • We have automation testing, monitoring & alerting in place for DB to UI covered.
  • We review security, performance and scalability as we go.
  • Our team after delivering successful products to market is usually happy to continue the process from MVP to future growth of product. If you desire and they desire they can join the company that owns said product.

Why reach out to us

We exist in the solutions we build for scalability, security, and speed while caring about you and your users.

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